An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow

confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity

Martin Luther King Jr.

Students, We are all a part of society that conditions us to a great degree to become what we are and as profoundly stated above, it becomes our moral duty to give to the society and humanity what we owe it. And in realizing this motive, we realize another very important fact that it is education that equips us to deliver these goods. Then education in its truest form has to be holistic and rise above mere mechanical imparting of facts and figures.

We, at Khalsa College for Women, firmly believe in rooting the individual in. The moral & ethical soil and liberating the mind to branch and grow with the manure of academic & para-academic enlightenment.

All of you, who are hesitating at this threshold of indecision should take heart in the consolation that this institution shall guarantee a fruitful journey of learning and growing into complete human beings. This institution shall enhance your personality to women of substance, grit and mettle because here, it is believed that just like life goes on, so also every moment you spend here shall be a continuing learning experience.

Whether it is the results, the sports activities, the co-curricular interests, instilling skills, values, leadership... you name it... KCW wraps it all up for you and gifts you a pleasant voyage of feeding your curiosity and completing you as individuals to reckon with.

Dr (Mrs) Varinder Kaur Thind


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